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Registration is now closed. Below are recordings for previous sessions of each of our labs which you can watch on demand — feel free to reach out to your customer success manager with any questions!

Learn how you can use WorkBoard to resolve real life challenges such as lack of alignment, limited progress transparency, and time-consuming reporting, and enable your team to achieve their best.

Objectives & Key Results Lab

Not sure how your work drives company strategy? In this session you'll get tips and best practices for creating, configuring and updating your OKRs in WorkBoard. Learn how to use OKR to improve decision making and increase the likelihood of successful outcomes. Watch Now

Business Reviews Lab

Tired of stale data reporting and getting asked, “What's the status?” We'll demonstrate how to build business reviews in WorkBoard for team management and engagement or status reporting. Learn the value your teams can receive from real time reporting, decisions and shifts that can be made before quarter end, and the overall efficiency it creates for the business. Watch Now

Workstreams & AI Lab

Confused by the hundreds of notifications? Wouldn't it be great to funnel that all into one spot? See how you can use workstreams to link the team's work to outcomes, and how you can use action items to give greater transparency to follow through, status and achievement. Watch Now

Meetings Lab

Do you have too many meetings? We'll share how you can use WorkBoard to make your meetings more effective. Set the agenda ahead of time with objectives, results, workstreams and actions to help drive the right conversations and avoid excessive status reporting. Watch Now

Digital Operating Rhythm Lab

Learn how to best operationalize WorkBoard for your teams each week and practice regular results behavior to stay focused on what’s most important. Watch Now

Registration is Closed

Please feel free to watch the recordings of previous sessions